Safety and Environment

Uvuko CivilsSafety and Environment


Uvuko Civils is committed to preventing injury, ill health and accidental loss of any of its resources which include employees, sub-contractors and all affected by our business. We regard safety and health matters with high priority and endeavour to attain and maintain highest health and safety levels in all our operations. We thrive to abide by the legislated Occupational Health and Safety standards and our Client’ Specifications. See attached our Health and Safety Policy.


We recognize that our activities could have a significant impact on the environment hence have adopted a proactive rather than reactive stance on environmental issues to minimize the adverse impact. Our objective is therefore to achieve and maintain the highest practicable level of environmental control in all our operations and as well support the government’s environmental aims. See attached our Environment Policy


Uvuko Civils is committed to providing all our clients with exceptional quality products that meet the quality standards specified in each contract. We endeavor to create and maintain a culture of quality and meet all legal requirements. See attached our Quality policy

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